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July 19, 2019, Madrid, Spain |

Madrid Metro entrusts to SICE the integral maintenance of its access control systems in all the Metro stations, Control Centers (ICTs) and Electrical Substations


For a period of 3 years, SICE will provide the preventive, corrective and evolutionary integral maintenance services (24 x 7 x 365) of the Access Control Systems to various Technical Rooms as well as the maintenance of the Access Control (TeleCancelas) to every station in the Madrid metro network.

Likewise, the contract includes the hardware maintenance of all the equipment as well as the software maintenance of applications and databases. Thus they are object of the described scope:

  • 1,200 Access Controls to rooms of special relevance
    • CCI / PCL / COP
    • Box office
    • CAE
    • Communications Room
    • Interlocking machine room
    • Fire Protection Room
    • General Low-Voltage Room
    • Transformation Center
    • Electrical Substation
    • Light Metro platform stop
  • 800 TeleCancela readers, which allows control of the access to the stations.
  • 200 Guard patrol readers, which together with all the readers associated with the Access Control and TeleCancelas equipment, enables the control of the stations Surveillance staff.