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February 23, 2016, Lima, Peru |

The Lima Metropolitan Municipality entrusts SICE the automated irrigation, fire extinction and detection, draining and sewage systems for the Plaza 28 de Julio project


Under the « Plaza 28 de Julio » project, the allocated works awarded to SICE include the installation of an automated sprinkler and drip irrigation, fire detection and suppression, drainage and sewage systems. These services will be located on the Plaza Nueva and on the Avenida 28 de Julio underpass, and they will cover the last blocks from the Garcilaso Avenue to the first two Arequipa Avenue blocks (they will be communicated by a tunnel).

The automated irrigation system shall comprise drip and sprinkler irrigations that will be complemented with a water injection for an ornamental fountain installed in the Plaza Nueva. Two electric pumps will be installed, a main one and a backup, and a control panel system and solenoid valves, located in different areas of the Plaza Nueva. They will be used in a way that the flow of water in the sectors expected to irrigate will be controlled through them.

On the other hand, the fire detection and suppression system placed inside the tunnel shall be composed by a dry barrel system, that is to say, a pipe system and a fire Siamese connection are provided and ready to connect a fire hose belonging to Cuerpo General de Bomberos Voluntarios de Perú (CGBVP). If necessary, water will be injected from hydrants designated for this purpose and supplied by the CGBVP fire truck motor pump to cover the impact in the tunnel that could endanger drivers’ lives.

Finally, automatic fire detection systems will be installed. Their main objective is to warn as quickly as possible to the Control Centre about a fire source within the technical room located in the underpass.