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May 10, 2018, Seville, Spain |

Last March, the new Traffic Management Centre in Southwest Spain was opened


Last March, Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido and Traffic General Director Gregorio Serrano opened the new Southwest (Seville) Traffic Management Centre, whose extension and renovation are part of the maintenance service. This contract includes service, works and supplies for the maintenance and operation of the ITS facilities on roads managed by this center.

One of the improvements to be highlighted in the project is that the original building surface has been doubled, taking advantage of an adjacent archive area.

On the other hand, new operator stations were fully installed at the same time as an innovative video-wall. All installations (electricity, firefighting, air conditioning, data, etc.) have been refurbished and an emergency staircase has also been built.

The Government deputy commissioner in Seville, Ricardo Gil-Toresano and the Provincial Traffic Director in Seville, Ana Luz Jimenez Ortega also were at the opening ceremony.