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October 01, 2011, Madrid, Spain |

A joint venture between SICE and Ofiteco has been awarded the contract to design and set up a management and analysis system for hydrological information obtained from the water authoritie´s Official Capacity Stations Network (ROEA)

Confederaciones Hidrográficas

The Official Capacity Stations Network (ROEA) enables information to be obtained at special points on watercourses and canals, as well as the status of reservoir reserves.
The hydrological-information management and analysis system is being installed for the Miño-Sil, Cantábrico, Duero, Tagus, Guadiana, Segura, Júcar and Ebro water authorities. The system can also be set up to add data in the future from stations in the automatic hydrological information system (AHIS) and automatic water quality information system (AWQIS).



The tasks to be undertaken can be grouped into the following blocks:

  • Consulting services for in-depth knowledge of the starting situation at each water authority
  • Acquisition, installation and commissioning of new software for the global hydrological-information-management platform.
  • Setup tasks for the new platform
  • Tasks to migrate information from the old formats/systems to the new platform, once set up
  • Setting up the system’s automatic import/export/functioning tasks
  • Developing the platform for central consulting platform of the authorities’ data by the Spanish Water Department (DGA)
  • Final commissioning and training in the use of the system.