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June 30, 2020, Gijón, Spain |

Gijón DemoLab: Smart Outdoor Lighting


In May 2020, SICE finished installing the physical infrastructure of Gijón|DemoLAB, a project that seeks to define and assess the actions carried out in a plot located within the Gijón Science and Technology Park, for the implementation of an installation dedicated to the exhibition and testing of outdoor lighting.

The works consisted of the construction of a DemoLAB metallic structure, and the electric installation and perimeter enclosure of the plot where a series of tests will be carried out simultaneously on the 48 different smart outdoor lights, each with their own individual control.

The goal of this initiative is to undertake interoperability checks between devices (lights and IoT nodes) manufactured by different companies, using an open protocol—6LowPAN—which will allow them to be interconnected. The technology to be tested shall be open and interoperable, so its future shall not be conditioned.

This initiative provides continuity to the City of Gijón’s idea to renovate the outdoor lighting of the city and move towards the installation of smart lighting to improve energy efficiency, while enabling integration with the Internet of Things (IoT).


The 'DemoLAB' initiative, which will start in the field of lighting, will subsequently make public spaces available for the entire innovation ecosystem to install the new developments and devices in a real and controlled environment to compare their performance and demonstrate their how they operate.

SICE has been developing and applying emerging new technologies for years, becoming a renowned pioneer company in the Smart City concept. The Smart Concept SICE is committed to goes even further, beyond the city, since it also includes the digital transformation of a city, in terms of how it manages municipal services, and how it relates to citizens and tourists, bringing people and the entire territory closer to these services and thus improving access.

IMágenes DEMO LAB de Gijón