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October 28, 2013, Madrid. Spain |

The FP7 (co-financed on ICT Smart Cities Call) MoveUs project kickoff meeting

Reunión Moveus

Eleven partners (one of them SICE) from four countries (Italy, Finland, Spain and the UK) joined the meeting to kick-off the project activities aimed at designing, implementing, testing and exploiting an integrated cloud-computing technology platform and mobility services.

MoveUS has a pan-European approach engaging three different smart-city pilots placed in Madrid, Tampere and Genoa.
The project aims to radically change the European users’ mobility habits by offering intelligent and personalized travel information services, helping people to decide the best transport choice and providing meaningful feedback on the energy efficiency savings obtained as a result. Recommendations supported by incentives will be provided to foster ‘soft’ mobility modes and the use of shared and public transport modes (buses).

Information from a wide variety of transport modes and mobility systems such as public buses, car/bike sharing systems, traffic management systems, equipped vehicles to measure traffic density, and users’ smartphones will be integrated and processed in an innovative and high-capacity computing platform, that will allow:

  1. to measure “the pulse of urban mobility” from a global perspective;
  2. to obtain valuable information on how the traffic density evolves and how the public transport is used;
  3. to learn how individual users can move along the city in a more eco-friendly way, improving energy efficiency.

Gathered in Living Lab communities, representatives from the three cities will be deeply engaged in the project: city councils, transport/mobility operators, citizens and local technology partners. This will ensure a broad and effective user engagement for suggesting real and sustainable user-driven smart mobility services.