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December 11, 2014, Madrid. Spain |

First MoveUs project Living Lab workshop held at EMT

Primer Living Lab workshop del proyecto MoveUs celebrado en EMT

The first workshop to establish a living lab for the European MoveUs project was held at the EMT headquarters in Madrid on 11 December. 

Among the attendees were well-known people from the mobility and transport sectors, representing entities such as EMT itself, Madrid's Regional Transport Consortium, the sub-directorate general of mobility agents, the sub-directorate general of traffic regulation, the directorate general of the Madrid taxi service and the municipality of Madrid's sub-directorate general of sustainability, the municipality of Madrid's energy agency, the energy diversification and saving institute (IDAE), ITS España, traffic operators in Madrid and Universities, as well as SICE and other companies participating in the project. 

On behalf of users, various associations were represented such as the drivers' association RACE, the pedestrian association A PIE and the bicycle users' association Pedalibre, as well as the regional federation of neighbours associations of Madrid FRAVM.

For two and a half hours attendees were given information about general aspects of the project, intended mobility services that will be developed for Madrid as part of the scope of the project, including priority for public buses, intelligent routing for travellers, intelligent crossings, eco-efficient routing and journey time predictions for vehicles. Information was also provided about basic operational aspects of the living lab. Finally, attendees actively participated by giving their opinions and taking part in interesting debates about the suggested mobility services and the established living lab procedures.

At the end of the session all attendees confirmed their interest in actively participating in forthcoming project workshops and following progress made with the development of proposed services.