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February 02, 2017, Madrid, Spain |

SICE renews the contract for the maintenance and exploitation of the Madrid City Council’s Comprehensive Air Quality Monitoring, Forecasting and Information System (CAQMFIS)

Estación de Calidad del Aire en Madrid

Madrid City Council selects again SICE to accomplish the Comprehensive Air Quality Monitoring, Forecasting and Information System’s (CAQMFIS) maintenance and exploitation.

The aim is to ensure its correct operation in order to know, forecast and broadcast Madrid’s air quality.

This comprehensive system consist of three subsystems (Monitoring, Forecasting and Information) each of them focusing on one specific task. They are inter-connected, therefore, the ensemble is able to measure contamination levels, generate short-term predictions and widely and quickly broadcast the information.

After 20 years managing this service, SICE will continue the system’s maintenance and exploitation tasks so the objectives of the CAQMFIS system are ensured: continuous contaminants measurement, surveilling if the regulation is met and thresholds laid down are not exceeded, providing citizens with information about air quality, carrying out contaminants measurement campaigns, managing the mobile unit, integrating data from networks and daily forecasting air quality levels, among others.

The city council has particularly appreciated for this contract SICE’s proposal to develop new functionalities in the system, more contaminants measurement campaigns or to pursue the project for low pollutant vehicles.

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