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October 06, 2006, Villahermosa. Mexico |

Award of an oil-measurement system for PEMEX

 Medición de Aceite para PEMEX

In 2001 PEMEX Exploración y Producción, Southern Region, began to modernise the measurement systems for its batteries at the Samaria-Luna Integrated Unit within the framework of the integrated modernisation and optimisation of the batteries. 

SICE was awarded the original contract to modernise the first four measurement systems at the Samaria dehydration plant, Cunduacan battery, CAB Cunduacan and Cactus, as well as installing a supervision system at the unit’s administration offices to enable these systems to be monitored and operated. 

Under this new contract, SICE will supply a new measurement skid to assure efficient, reliable and secure measurement for PEMEX in accordance wit the latest international regulations and standards. 

The scope of the works is the supply, installation, training and operation of a new oil-measurement system, consisting of: 

  • Ultrasound flow gauge
  • Equipment to measure the percentage of water in oil
  • Associated instrument
  • Flow computers
  • Radio-communications systems

The project also includes the integration of data from the new skid into the existing supervision system at the unit’s administrative offices.