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September 28, 2016, Perú |

ASBANC awards SICE the first work package of the Renewal Program for Police Stations in Peru


SICE have been selected by the Association of Banks of Peru (ASBANC) to execute the first package of the Renewal Program for Police Stations consisting of eleven police stations and one police division distributed among seven projects.

The contract entails the development and implementation of technical reports and the renewal, improvement and upgrading of the first police stations package, including police agencies in three regions of the country: nine in Huancavelica, two in Piura and another one in La Libertad. The aim is to equip these agencies with an infrastructure that may ensure an appropriated operational capability for the police services, minimizing citizen insecurity and increasing jurisdictional internal order.

This is a challenging project due to the efforts devoted and because with its implementation ASBANC will become the first business association that promotes a work of this size in Peru under a “Works for Taxes Law”.

Since 2008, this “Works for Taxes Law” issued by the Peruvian government is a participation model which seeks to accelerate the implementation of priority public infrastructure projects across the country. This law allows private companies to fund and implement public projects chosen by Regional and Local Governments pay funding free of interests on account of its canon and over-canon resources, royalties, customs and revenues and shares up to ten years after completion of the work.