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March 10, 2016, Cuzco, Peru |

The Andina University in Cusco inaugurates the Larapa University City’s general rooms and laboratories building

Universidad Andina

The last 22th February the opening ceremony of the new building “general rooms, laboratories and others” took place on the Larapa campus. The structure, built and equipped by SICE Perú, has the seating capacity of 2.500 people. It has a 17.128 m2 surface distributed in 10 floors and 3 basements.

The edification is supplied with composite aluminium panels and curtain walls, photovoltaic and solar panels and sunshades as energy savings systems. As novel security measures it includes a staircase pressurization system and an accelerograph that records the peak ground acceleration in case of earthquake.

The University’s rector and many regional political authorities were present at the opening ceremony in addition to other rectors from different universities in the country.