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June 01, 2020, Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain |

A modern, intelligent video surveillance system makes Las Rozas one of the safest areas in Madrid

Las Rozas

The Las Rozas City Council in Madrid is strongly committed to ensuring the safety of its citizens. The municipality has launched a state-of-the-art project (including hardware and software) that will allow camera surveillance of all of the municipality’s entrances and exits and attend to any situation of road safety or any situation derived from traffic. This modern system, installed by SICE, will also help managers make decisions, validate, and improve service, control, and surveillance strategies applied to issues of mobility.

One of the newest elements included in this project is undoubtedly the software that provides real-time event analytics, as well as forensic analytics. All of this will facilitate the identification of vehicles through the use of various parameters (license plate, type, color, brand, etc.), as well as individuals, both drivers and pedestrians, and any objects involved in the incidents.

The project, framed within the SICE Smart vertical, also includes the installation of 234 license plate recognition cameras that will cover all of the municipality’s exits and entrances and the transit areas within it. These intelligent security cameras will not only allow access to the information recorded in the event of crime or vandalism, but will also serve a preventive function both by automatically generating alerts in the case of unusual events and by acting as a deterrent. Additionally, they have a wireless communications network through radio link, which allows each of the cameras to communicate with the corresponding nodes or directly with the local police data center, providing images in maximum detail.

This project includes the adaptation of 75 public lighting control panels, the installation of auxiliary cabinets for UPS, the laying of power lines, civil engineering, and the installation of 40 conical columns that are 6 meters high. Moreover, street lighting will be expanded with a new command center and lamps.