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February 08, 2023, Guarromán, España |

Guarromán City Council renews outdoor lighting to LED technology


The Guarromán City Council has awarded SICE the project of energy adaptation of outdoor lighting to improve energy efficiency, economic savings and CO2 emissions in the municipality. This is a 12-year project during which the Energy Services Company (ESCO) SICE will be in charge of the management and operation of the outdoor lighting installations of the municipality, undertaking and accelerating the implementation of the technical solutions necessary to improve the energy efficiency of the installations.

The work to be carried out by SICE covers all the lighting installations connected to the Outdoor Lighting Network located within the municipality of the City Council, including the Zocueca district and the El Guadiel Industrial Estate.

Not only will the installations be improved, but with the new LED technology that will be applied, a reduction of up to 35% in the municipality's energy expenditure will be achieved, as well as a reduction in polluting emissions (CO2), an increase in the lighting capacity of the lighting points and an improvement in the management of the system itself, both in operation and maintenance.