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Smart Green

Energy and the environment are an indispensable part of sustainable development and constitute a fundamental part of SICE's activities. The company provides solutions to all customer requirements and offers customized technological solutions. Renewable energy is a source of clean and inexhaustible resources provided by nature itself, with virtually zero negative impact and always reversible.

Air is essential for life, not just because it allows living organisms to breathe but also because its influence makes the Earth habitable. Changes to atmospheric composition due to human or natural causes alter air quality (with repercussions on ecosystems and health) and can affect climate change.

The air quality monitoring system measures data on gas and particle concentrations and meteorological data to give real time air quality information.

Remote stations are able to measure gases (CO, NOX, SO2, O3, hydrocarbons and BTX, etc.), particles, meteorological parameters and noise levels. SICE integrates monitoring networks with mathematical simulation models for analysis and short term prediction.