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Smart City Platform

In awareness of the situation of cities and their surroundings, SICE has designed a platform designed for different socio-economical and institutions to build and contribute value in the medium and long term.

The Smart Cities project is a global initiative aimed at sharing municipal information with citizens or entities that require it. The purpose of the platform is to boost interoperability between different sectors, to promote innovation and allow citizens to benefit from intelligent surroundings. 

An open approach is key for this, in which the Smart City offers a basis for encouraging participation, dialogue and collaboration between citizens and government through new technologies and digital channels, such that they are not just end users but over coming years can also become direct participants and protagonists in a city where, in addition, technology is used rationally to improve quality of life and well being.

Therefore, the proposed platform includes a management system for the city government in the form of a tool that permits relationships with the government. The tool also provides support to citizen-focused decision making processes, allowing the city's situation and the needs of its citizens to be dealt with in an interactive and proactive manner, to provide better and more efficient services with sustainable development, and to make optimal use of available resources.

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