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Railway Signaling

Endorsed by its extensive experience in the design, installation and commissioning of railway traffic safety and control systems, the company Enclavamientos y Señalización Ferroviaria ENYSE, a split-off from the old company SICE Ferrocarriles and forming part of the SICE TyS business group, offers integral line management solutions through the implementation of latest generation EiS23 electronic interlockings and blocks and their ENYSIC integrated control system. These systems are manufactured in-house based on a tried and tested, robust and easy to maintain design. 

Due to its extensive systems maintenance experience, SICE believes that the maintenance of signaling, energy and communications systems is of supreme importance for guaranteeing safety and quality. This implies taking responsibility for making efforts to maintain this equipment, from both the perspective of availability and the implementation of any necessary human and material resources.