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Integrated Tunnel Management

SICE is a company that develops and implements integral solutions for the management and control of intelligent transport systems.

It installs safety, control and electro-mechanical systems in tunnels and oversees their maintenance and operation.

For this purpose it offers an integral centralized tunnel management system used to control and monitor all tunnel systems and to guarantee maximum levels of safety and operation during both routine management and in emergency situations.

To date the company has implemented its technology to bring smart systems to transport infrastructure in over 346 km of tunnels; it is one of the primary companies to provide services related to the development and implementation of integral tunnel control and management solutions. SICE has a portfolio of numerous important references in this sector in the United States, Colombia, Chile, Australia, Spain and Portugal.

  • Malmasín Tunnel (Spain)

    The Malmasín tunnels (Biscay) are located on the accesses to Bilbao from Basauri, and consist of two two-lane semi-tunnels of approximately 1,340m where SICE installed a centralized integrated security system.

  • Somosierra Tunnels (N-I) (Spain)

    SICE installed in the Somosierra Tunnels the variable signage system and the fire control system for the two parallel Somosierra tunnels, one in each direction of traffic with an approximate length of 4,000m.

  • Tunnels and overlaid roads of the Northern Distributor Road of the M-40 (Spain)

    SICE executed the Security, Surveillance and Control System for the tunnels and overlaid roads on the Northern Distributor Road of the M-40 in the section that joins the connection from the Zarzuela to the N-VI (La Coruña Highway); it included the execution of a 250m-long, 3-lane false tunnel for each direction and a section of overlaid roads of approximately 1,100m long.

  • Belate and Almandotz Tunnels (Spain)

    The aim was to provide the 1,190m-long Almandotz Tunnel and the 2,960m-long BelateTunnel the installations that allow them to have a Security, Surveillance and Control System, as well as the construction of the Control Building for the maintenance area at Belate, where the equipment necessary to manage both tunnels is located.

  • Tunnels of the A-16 Sitges-Comarruga Highway (Spain)

    Installation of control and signage equipment in the tunnels of the A-16 Sitges-Tarragona highway, including the application for the integration of the existing tunnels.

  • Tunnels of the Sol Highway (Spain)

    The aim was to provide the Sol Highway (Malaga) an ITS system in the 56km-long Benalmádena-Estepona section and the control and surveillance of the 5 existing tunnels.

    Other projects:

    Sierrapando Tunnels (Spain)

  • Boquerón Tunnel on the El Vino Highway (Colombia)

    Systems procured and installed by SICE, who also provided all the operation, management and control software.

  • El Padrún Tunnel (Spain)

    Design, procurement, installation and commissioning of the control installations for the El Padrún tunnels, which are parallel tunnels of 1,800m each, with 4 connecting galleries, located on the A-66 Freeway between Mieres and Oviedo.

    Other projects:

    Limpias Tunnel (Spain), Fastia and Devoyu Tunnels (Spain).

  • Tunnels of the M-40 Highway (Spain)

    Design, procurement, installation and commissioning of the fire ventilation control system update for the tunnels of the M-40 highway in Madrid, with an approximate length of 5km.

    Other projects:

    Caviedes Tunnels (Spain)

  • Madrid Tunnels (Spain)

    Installation of the security and control elements of the urban tunnels to prevent accidents and their consequences.

    Other projects:

    Somport Tunnels (Spain): Design, procurement, and installation of the security and control systems of the largest highway tunnel in Spain.

    San Lorenzo and Belabieta Tunnels (Spain), Tunnels for Ring Road III of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), Las Caldas Tunnels (Spain), Malmasín Tunnels (Spain), San Tirso Tunnel (Spain), Ramela, Barracão and Gardunha Tunnels (Portugal).

  • Sartego Tunnels (Spain)

    Installation of the lighting, ventilation, traffic, signage, PA, fire system and transmission system of the 1,000m-long tunnel located on the freeway between Fene and Ferrol.

    Other projects:

    Branaviella and Nievares Tunnels (Spain), Ibarrekolanda Tunnels (Spain).

  • Ezcaba Tunnel (Spain)

    Control installations necessary for a tunnel that completed the Pamplona ring road by joining Las Rondas North and East.

    Other projects:

    - Los Nogales Tunnel in Castille and Leon (Spain), San Juan Alnazfarache Tunnel (Spain), Cantabria A67 Tunnels (Spain), La Herradura Tunnels (Spain), Envalira Tunnel (Spain), Tunnels on the access road to the port of Castellon (Spain).

  • La Pólvora Tunnels (Chile)

    Installation of control systems in 3 bidirectional tunnels of almost 2,200m in length, which constitute the main entry gate to the “La Pólvora” Port for heavy goods vehicles.

    Other projects:

    - Candás-Luanco Tunnels (Spain)

  • M-30 Tunnels (Madrid)

    Full integration of the 47km of the tunnels of the M-30 in Madrid, a global icon in urban tunnels.

    More information about the Madrid M-30 Tunnels

    Other projects:

    San Cristóbal Tunnels (Chile), Doctor Vicente Morales Lebrón Tunnels (Puerto Rico), Santa Isabel Tunnel (Spain), Lantueno Tunnel (Spain), Port of Valencia Tunnel (Spain).

  • El Altet Tunnel (Spain)

    Improvement of the security and control installations in the Altet (Alicante) tunnel by implementing a solution composed of a CCTV system, of variable message panels and a centralized traffic light control system.

    Other projects:

    - Madrid Tunnels (Spain): SICE was the company responsible for executing the migration of the previous control center to the new one, as well as integrating all the urban tunnels with the SIDERA control tunnels application.

  • Madeira-Viaexpresso Tunnels (Portugal)

    Installation and commissioning of the control and surveillance system, as well as the comprehensive maintenance of the installations for 53 tunnels, with a total of 44km. The maintenance service for said tunnels is still being provided today with a contract until 2019.

    More information about the Madeira - Viaexpresso Tunnels

    Other projects:

    - Morata Tunnel (Spain), Tunnels for the EIX Diagonal: Vilanova i La Geltrú – Manresa (Spain).

  • Yesa and Liédena Tunnels (Spain)

    Electromechanical, security and control installations for the Yesa and Liédena tunnels belonging to the A-21 Pyrenees freeway (Navarre).

    Other projects:

    Basataundi and Amisalaieta Tunnels (Spain), Bimenes Tunnel (Spain).

  • Sumapaz Tunnel (Colombia)

    Implementation of the monitoring, control and communications systems, using SIDERA Tunnel management application as the main tool, which makes it possible to monitor, control and manage them from the Control Center.

    More information about the Sumapaz Tunnel

    Other projects:

    Daza Tunnel (Colombia), Hidrosogamoso Tunnels (Colombia), Avenida de Colombia Tunnel in Cali (Colombia).

  • Pacífico Highway between Titenbar and Ewingsdale - T2E (Australia)

    Design, procurement, installation, tests and commissioning of the traffic Control and Management System (OCMS) in the course of a 16.3km highway (Tintenbar-Ewingsdale), which contains the 434m-long Santa Helena tunnel.

    Other projects:

    - Riaño Tunnels (Spain).

  • Port of Miami Tunnel (USA)

    SICE was responsible for procuring and installing the field equipment in the tunnel. SICE also provided the distributed control and maintenance systems at the FDOT District 6 traffic management center and the two operation centers, one located on Watson Island and the other on Dodge Island.

    More information about the Port of Miami Tunnel

  • Madrid Tunnels (Spain)

    From 2002 to 2016, SICE integrated and centralized all the urban tunnels of Madrid from the Azca Control Center, where it currently operates and maintains the 29 urban tunnels in Madrid.

    More information about the Madrid-Azca Tunnels

  • Waterview Tunnel (New Zealand)

    SICE participated in the design, procurement, installation and commissioning of the electromechanical equipment and the traffic control systems (including the SCADA control software), in all 3 lanes of the 5km motorway and the 2.5km double bore tunnel of the Waterview Tunnel (Auckland).

    More information about the Waterview Tunnel

    Other projects:

    - Avenida Nestor Gambetta - Callao Tunnel (Peru), Navarra Tunnels (Spain)

  • Westconnex Tunnels (Australia)

    The largest transport project in Australia provides quality highway connections among the western area of Sydney, the airport and Port Botany. SICE will be responsible for the control of the M4, with two 5.5km-long twin tunnels as well as a second contract for the M5, with two 9km-long twin tunnels.

    More information about the Westconnex Tunnels

    Other projects:

    - SR99 Seattle - Alaskan Way Viaduct Tunnel (USA), Cafezal Tunnel (Brazil).