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Security Policy

The safety policy expresses and reflects the commitment, obligation (mission) and the strategic perspective (vision) of SICE Tecnología y Sistemas, S.A. (SICE TyS) regarding functional and technical safety of the systems object of contract or responsibility of the company, in those systems which include railway safety.

SICE TyS aims to answer the problems of different industrial sectors with technological solutions for the railway, traffic, transport, environment, energy, telecommunications and security fields, as well as of all types of industrial process. SICE TyS states its principal value and reference for its activity the continual improvement of levels of safety, quality and efficiency in all processes and developed tasks throughout the lifecycle of the all projects.

Therefore, as a fundamental part of its mission, the Executive Board of SICE TyS assumes commitment to the management of safety, establishing as objectives of this commitment:

  • Promote and transmit a proactive culture of safety, managing the risks and opportunities in line with the context and interested parties of the organisation.
  • Guarantee the professional competence, human resources, mediums and infrastructure of all personnel, in order to achieve compliance with requirements of the activities or projects of the company.
  • Plan and control the various processes in order to fully obey the safety requirements and make use of the best possible practices:
    • For projects and products of systems of safety and railway signalling, the following of a process of safety management based on the EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129 standards currently in force.
    • For projects of other lines of activity of SICE TyS which require the following of a process of safety management, this shall be based on the EN 61508 standard currently in force.

The Executive Board of SICE TyS is confident that everyone at the Company understands the importance of the aforementioned commitments, takes them on, and incorporates them into his or her work, forming part of the general and daily management.