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Since its inception, SICE is committed to values such as Integrity, Respect and Efficiency. Nowadays, these are the moral principles that we still manage and which are perfectly in harmony with the ACS Group’s commitments in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility whose main 4 application areas are:


Respect for people and non-discrimination are the values that inspire the Equal Opportunities Plan of the company, plan in force since 2010 and under permanent development aiming at ensuring real equal opportunities for all the company employees.

In addition, SICE has prepared in accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 the attached statement summarizing the company's commitment to human rights and the prevention of modern slavery.



The SICE Tecnología y Sistemas identifies compliance with the following 6 principles as a fundamental requirement for the growth, technological progress and development of its employees:

  • Generation of value, creation of jobs and wellbeing as an economic driving force 
  • Quality as a determining factor that sets the company apart; permanent optimisation of processes
  • Ethics, integrity and transparency as fundamental values of all employees, customers, suppliers and subcontractors
  • Technical and technological development; promotion of innovation and research
  • Customer focus
  • Respect for economic, social and environmental surroundings

SICE's executive board express these requirements through the Quality, environmental and prevention of occupational hazards policy.



Safety is one of the key aspects of the railway system since it is essential to ensure the safe transport of passengers and goods. For this reason, SICE Tecnología y Sistemas expresses this commitment through the new Security Policy, which also includes any project of other lines of activity that require a security management process.



SICE Tecnología y Sistemas contributes to a more efficient use of the available energy sources as well as to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other related environmental impacts.

To this end, business management assumes all responsibility regarding the Energy Management of the processes and activities that take place in the corporate headquarters of Sociedad Ibérica de Construcciones Eléctricas, leading company of SICE TyS, and with the full participation of management and all personnel it commits to them through the Energy Policy.



Information security is one of the key aspects of an organization. Given its importance, SICE Tecnología y Sistemas through a risk management process preserves the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets.

The fundamental principles on which information security management is based are stated in the Information Security Policy.



The SICE TyS Group has a Corporate Compliance Program in force, focusing on the promotion of a real ethical corporate culture, and underlining its commitment to compliance and respect of current legislation.

The design of the Corporate Compliance Program contains and applies some best practices for preventing criminal risks and promoting ethical corporate behavior, aligned with the requirements of the Criminal Code and other applicable legislation in force, with the Criminal and Anti-bribery Compliance Policy as one of its fundamental documents.