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Collaborative automated warehouse system project

Collaborative automated warehouse system

The department of SICE Automation and Robotization, in collaboration with the Navarre company Redin y Becerra and co-financed by the government of Navarre through FEDER funds, is developing a system on board AGV for the management of KLTs in automated warehouse in collaborative mode with human and semi-automatic means.


The system consists of a trolley equipped with a roller conveyor, which is pulled by an AGV device, allowing the automatic picking and delivery of KLTs. This system will allow the coexistence in logistics areas of operators and automated devices, allowing the flexibility of the level of automation of warehouses.

In addition to allowing a collaborative operation between man and machine, the device under development follows the lines of green city, green plant, green economy. The system is based on the Japanese karakuri philosophy, derived from the Toyota system, which uses mechanical gravity systems to reduce energy consumption.

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