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MADRID - Spain
01 de febrero de 2023


Sociedad Ibérica de Construcciones Eléctricas, S.A. (SICE) is a multinational technology integration company operating in the fields of traffic and transport, the environment and energy, telecommunications, and all types of industrial processes.

SICE's activity mainly focuses on providing added value services through the integration of a range of in-house and third-party technologies and systems, always with the aim of offering the best solution tailored to each customer, and of providing:

  • Technological capacity
  • Experience
  • Personalised solutions
  • Systems integration
  • Open systems

For the Windsor (Canada) Team of SICE we are looking for an industrial engineer.

Training - Bachelor’s degree on Industrial Engineering

computer science and industrial engineer – intelligent transport system

Training: Electronic/ Industrial engineer.

Profile: Project Engineer for the development of Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) and to develop test cases and procedures to perform the testing of ATMS and it’s Subsystem.




  • Bachelor’s degree or above, majoring in the field of ATMS/Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) or Electronics/Electrical/Computer Information Technology conducting similar services or other related majors, with more than 3 years of radiocommunications work experience.
  • Experience in planning, implementation, configuration, and operational support of ITS and SCADA system:
    • Read and interpret design drawings, blueprints, and installation guides.
    • Have a Knowledge of Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) SCADA System
    • Manage the ATMS SCADA team and advance the work as per specification to meet the deadlines
    • Familiar with Intelligent Traffic Management Systems such as: CCTV, Vehicle Detection and Classification System, Lane Control Signs, Dynamic Message Signs, Road Weather Information System, Travel Time Detection System, Traffic Controller Cabinet and Fibre Optics System
    • Define the testing strategy and develop the test cases, procedures and testing checklists
    • Document and implement all the testing processes following internal and external standards
    • Preparation, control, and supervision of the Quality Assurance (QA) documentation and equipment tests.
    • Supervise and carry out the testing assignments of the project subsystems integration onsite
    • Coordination meetings with other Interfaces and Stakeholders
    • Coordination with subcontractors and Project concessionaire for design documents, submittals, reviews, and all joint project responsibilities.
  • In-depth experience in network troubleshooting and resolution, good at analyzing and solving network related issues.
  • Having well-developed written and verbal communication skills and show a proactive attitude
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English