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Toll, electronic toll, ITS and communication systems for the Atlacomulco-Maravatío stretch of road in Mexico

Peaje Atlacomulco - Maravatío

Design, supply, installation, commissioning and update of the ITS system, as well as the update of the toll system for two new toll areas to include electronic tolls, and a new fibre-optic based communications network.
The following aspects were also included in the contract:

  • Toll collection operation, emergency services and customer services, which we carry out together with our joint venture partner OCACSA, also experts in this field.
  • Maintenance of buildings, installations and systems for five years. 

The Atlacomulco - Maravatío highway is part of the México - Guadalajara (short route) - Mexicali, Tijuana branch highway. It is located between the states of México and Michoacán. It has a length of 64 km, starting at kilometre post 100+000 and ending at 164+000.