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Remote Control of the "La Pedrera" Drinking Water Treatment Plant (Alicante / Jacarilla)

 ETAP de la Pedrera

The main objective of this project is to automate most of the processes and define new implementations and the necessary reforms in the La Pedrera Drinking Water Treatment Plant (Jacarilla - Alicante), to perform the remote control of these facilities from the headquarters of the "Mancomunidad de los Canales del Taibilla" in Cartagena.


To do this, the following actions were performed:

  • Performances on “La Pedrera” Drinking Water Treatment Plant:
    • Disassembly, relocation and installation of new analytical instrumentation
    • Review and adaptation of centrifugal fans in decanters
    • Replacing or float switches and dosing pumps of aluminum sulphate, sulfuric acid and sodium silicate and installing flowmeters for dilution thereof.
    • Cleaning and conditioning of tanks and installation of density / concentration meters .
    • Installation of TAC measuring .
    • Installation of level alarms and meters
    • Installation of industrial scale to know chlorine gas reserves continuously.
    • Reform and expansion of PLCs and touch screens
    • Create a new SCADA (licensed TOPKAPI) for visualization and control of process variables of ETAP.
    • Installation of a network of IP public address on the FO network .
    • Electrical works (pipes, upgrading and expansion of cabinets, replacing electronics, etc ...)
    • Civil engineering works (installation of site huts, adequacy of files and control rooms, construction of new water pipes, etc ...)
  • Pedrera pump station
    • Update of the synoptic control desk and change the existing Control Equipment.
    • Reprogramming PLC, touch screen and SCADA software for remote operation of the station.
    • Installation of video surveillance cameras inside and outside.
    • Installing a microwave transmitter to ensure communications with centralized control.