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ITS Systems for the WestConnex Tunnels, Sidney

M4 tunnel WestConnex

WestConnex is the largest transport infrastructure project in Australia, and provides high quality motorway connections from western Sydney to Sydney Airport and Port Botany.

SICE will control the M4, which includes two twin tunnels of 5.5 kilometres in length, and as part of a different contract the M5, which includes nine kilometres of twin motorway tunnels, using the SIDERA tunnel management software.

SICE had already been awarded to deliver the OMCS SIDERA for the WestConnex M4 East, and is currently developing the Operations and Management Control System (OMCS) design. Both the New M5 and M4 East OMCS will be capable of being integrated into a single consistent control system, the WestConnex OMCS (WOMCS), in the future. The WOMCS will be built to carry the operation of the entire WestConnex project.

Besides the development of the control software and the C2C technology, SICE has designed the following systems for the WestConnex project:

  • Communication network
  • PLC network
  • Vehicle detection
  • Variable message signs
  • Lane usage signs
  • Variable speed limit signs
  • Tunnel message signs
  • CCTV system (DVMS and cameras)
  • Variable message signs
  • Boom gates
  • Overweight detection
  • Motorway emergency telephone system
  • Fire emergency telephone system
  • Integration of the radio rebroadcasting
  • Integration of the public address.
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