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R & D

SICE is constantly strengthening innovation in order to progress and stand out from our nearest competitors and provide new higher-quality products in increasingly demanding and competitive technology sectors and markets. 

Aware of this importance, SICE is a member of a number of  technology platforms and acts as the coordinator or member of strategic Spanish and international consortia that propose and undertake ambitious projects in RDI like H2020, FP7, EUREKA, AEESD, etc. 

STARDUST | Environment and Energy Efficiency, Smart Cities, Smart City Platform (EcoCityS)

STARDUST.- Holistic and integrated urban model for Smart Cities

The EU project STARDUST aims to pave the way towards low carbon, high efficient, intelligent and citizen oriented cities.

7th European Framework Programme | Smart City Platform (EcoCityS)

MoveUS – ICT cloud-based platform and services for Mobility; available, universal and safe for all users

The MoveUS project features a cloud-based technology platform for the development of ICT tools for smart mobility in the framework of smart cities.

AdaS-UTMC | Intelligent Traffic and Tunnel Systems, Urban Traffic, Interurban Traffic

AdaS-UTMC - Adaptive & Slot-based UTMC System for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs)

The AdaS-UTMC project aims at enabling cities to manage traffic, incorporating automation in driving as a key element.

MITRA | Intelligent Traffic and Tunnel Systems, Urban Traffic

MITRA.- Enhancement of Traffic Information using advanced Data Analysis and Representation Technology

One of MITRA's goals is to discover hidden patterns in large amounts of data collected by ITS equipment.

Retos-Colaboración - MINECO | Intelligent Traffic and Tunnel Systems

In Itinere – Integrated, extended, relevant and efficient identifying information about traffic

In Itinere is a project focusing on setting new information variants about traffic in order to improve travel times forecasting.

Retos-Colaboración - MINECO | Intelligent Traffic and Tunnel Systems

IMPORTAES – Multi-Technology identification of passengers to optimize bus transportation routes and the service efficiency

The project aims at developing a boarded technology solution allowing to detect and identify passengers in buses and theirs stops to manage SAE services in order to allocate fleets when requested.

CDTI | Intelligent Traffic and Tunnel Systems

SEMUS – Development of an expert system for the management of the traffic in order to provide support to the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

The project aims at managing Mobility requests, the use of private vehicles and the traffic network capacity, defining “dynamic” action plans within the centralized traffic management systems.

7th European Framework Programme | Intelligent Traffic and Tunnel Systems

FOTSIS - European Field Operational Test on Safe, Intelligent and Sustainable Road Operation

The objective of FOTSIS is to deploy large-scale cooperative services for vehicle–infrastructure communications in real operational environments, making sections available for testing and deployment on various motorways in Spain, Portugal, Germany and Greece.

7th European Framework Programme | Intelligent Transport Systems

VRUITS – Improving the safety and mobility of vulnerable road users through ITS applications

The VRUITS project, focusing on “vulnerable users”, aims to improve road safety and their mobility and comfort by integrating them as parts of ITS applications, in a similar way to vehicles, through V2I-I2V cooperative services.

7th European Framework Programme | Control Centers and Security and Emergency Coordination

HeERO 2 – Harmonized eCall European Pilot

The HeERO project fosters the widespread implementation of automatic emergency calls (eCall) in all member states.