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December 29, 2017, Southampton, United Kingdom |

Southampton City Council decides to extend the Maintenance Services contracted to SICE regarding the Itchen Bridge Tolling System


SICE has signed a new maintenance contract with Southampton City Council to maintain the Itchen Bridge Tolling System. This agreement binds both parties for a period of three years, until December 2020.

SICE originally installed the tolling system that went live in 2013. This system was the first conventional tolling system installed by the company in the United Kingdom, and is composed by 4 tolling lanes plus 1 reversible lane.

Itchen Bridge currently operates the Plaza without any toll collector, collecting all the revenue by using automatic coin machines with contactless units incorporated. Southampton Itchen Bridge customers use their corresponding Smart Cities cards, linked to independent accounts in the Account Management System (AMS), developed by SICE.

Additionally, as part of the original project, SICE provided the lane software and Operational Back-Office system. All three software systems will be maintained by SICE. This maintenance will be performed remotely by using the Maintenance Online Monitoring System (MOMS) that SICE has in place. Through this system, all the alarms and/or incidents related to the Itchen Bridge system will be raised, and the corresponding tickets will be assigned to the on-duty squad. This way, SICE will be able to anticipate to any potential corrective action, and measure the different KPI´s to ensure the compliance of the service levels agreed.

MOMS is used already in the Humber Bridge Tolling System Maintenance, with excellent results and time responses to the potential incidents. This tool allows the configuration of daily preventive tasks to be performed, informing the maintenance squad about their hardware and software maintenance routine.