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September 05, 2017, La Palma Island, Canary Islands |

SICE will renew DAI and CCTV systems in the tunnels of the island of La Palma

The project includes performances in the tunnels of the outer road of Santa Cruz de La Palma (composed of five tunnels), the tunnel of Bajamar and the tunnel of La Cumbre, the busiest route in the island.

La Cumbre Tunnel

TRAGSA, the company that currently maintains the tunnels of the La Palma Island for the City Councilma, has awarded SICE the Project for Modernization of the Automatic Incident Detection System (AID) and surveillance cameras in the tunnels the island.

The project consists mainly of migrating the CCTV and AID systems from the two existing control centers (tunnel of the Summit and tunnels of external track and Bajamar) from analogue to digital technology through IP network.

In the case of the La Cumbre tunnel control center, a centralized DAI system will be installed by converting the signal from the existing analogue cameras to the IP network. AID servers and AID analytics will be installed, as well as the video server for 26 cameras (24 inner cameras and 2 outer)

For the control center of the Via Exterior and Bajamar tunnels, the 15 existing DAI analogue cameras will be replaced by IP cameras with built-in DAI analytics. The 7 outdoor analog DOMO cameras will also be replaced by 7 high resolution DOMO IP cameras. The AID server will be installed as well as the video server for a total of 22 cameras (15 interiors and 7 exteriors)

This project involves the full renewal of the AID and CCTV system in both Control Centers, thus ensuring the levels of security that La Palma’s City Council requires. These actions will also greatly improve the surveillance, maintenance and operation of this infrastructure.