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April 24, 2017, Santander, Spain |

SICE will carry out the maintenance of the traffic light network in Santander for the next two years

Control Center in Santander

The city of Santander has a modern traffic management system which is centralized and updated, allowing to control and manage the traffic in real time. An appropriated maintenance of the system is essential for its proper operation. This is the reason why Santander City Council has determine to award SICE with the maintenance project of this traffic light network.

The contract covers the inspection and maintenance of the whole network, which has more than 170 crossings and traffic lights. It also includes the maintenance and operation of the Control Center, the more than 40 cameras composing the CCTV system and the equipment that is centrally managed. Among this equipment, the variable message panels, the radars and beacons are the most que remarkable ones.

This maintenance service aims at perfectly preserving the facilities, maintaining the achieved technical level and minimizing the risks that may arise. The control and repairing of the current facilities and those to be integrated is included during the contract period.

When awarding this contract, Santander City Council focused not only on SICE’s great technical capacity but in its outstanding quality concerning the control proposed and the improvements SICE will carry out within the maintenance plan.