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September 01, 2017, United Arab Emirates |

SICE will carry out operation and maintenance services for the Vehicle Counting Stations WIM-RVD based on SICE ETD2020 technology in United Arab Emirates

This project continues the previous one implemented by the company in 2012 where 25 Vehicle Counting Stations were installed.


The MoID (Ministry of Infrastructure Development of UAE) and Rauros Typsa Group,  through their existing contract for the management of the pavement, has renewed their confidence in SICE-ALLIANCE TRAFFIC SYSTEMS for the maintenance of the 25 Vehicle Counting Stations based on SICE ETD2020 technology that SICE installed in 2012 on the MoID road network.

This project had the first five VCS of SICE for Weigh in Motion use: the high-speed weighing system that allows to weigh and classify vehicles according to their type. This weighing can be carried out on a prepared lane so there is no need to stop these vehicles.

As part of this new contract, SICE will install SIDERA in the MoID as the first SW platform to control the equipment on the 750km of roads that this ministry uses for its maintenance works integrated with Rauros software, ICARO. The scope of the contract includes the supply and installation of counting stations radar based as a complement to Vehicle Counting Stations.

MoID map