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August 18, 2017, Sevilla, Spain |

SICE strengthens its leadership position as an Energy Services Company (ESCO) with the award of a comprehensive service for public lighting and buildings belonging to Palomares del Río City Council

The project will improve the energy efficiency on facilities in charge of the consistory replacing the current equipment with more efficient installations and optimizing the consumption control and management as well as service quality for the citizens.

Palomares del Río City Council

Palomares del Río City Council (Sevilla) has awarded SICE the comprehensive management of its main energy-consuming facilities: municipal offices and public lighting.

As for public lighting, the contract provides for the adaptation to the current regulation of 39 control centers, deficiency regularization in groundings and the removal of deficiencies in the infrastructure design. It also includes 3,300 light points’ renovation, including the replacement of conventional luminaires with LED technology, which will provide an estimated saving up to 73%. An integral management platform will be also implemented, centralizing tasks management such us point-to-point inventory, switchboards’ energy management, maintenance and incidents.

On the other hand, within the municipal units, improvements tasks in equipment will be implemented and consumption control in 22 buildings, which include the replacement of the most used conventional lamps with LED lamps as well as the incorporation of system for controlling consumption, paying particular attention to air conditioning.

Under this twelve-year contract (expandable to twenty), SICE will also carry out the maintenance covering all the facilities as well as the energy management of the electrical supplies of public lighting and municipal buildings.

SICE's extensive experience in Energy Efficiency projects with similar characteristics and the good results that will be obtained after the implementation of the mentioned measures, could facilitate the implantation in the municipality of a network of charging points for electric vehicles.