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November 28, 2018, Sidney, Australia |

SICE is responsible for the delivery of OMCS system for the New M4-M5 Link (Stage 3A) and the Integrated OMCS (IOMCS) for the entirety of WestConnex

OMCS SIDERA para M5 Sidney

WestConnex is the largest transport infrastructure project in Australia. It will provide high quality motorway connections from Western Sydney to Sydney Airport and Port Botany, supporting Sydney’s forecast growth in population and employment along these corridors. By easing traffic congestion, WestConnex will improve travel time reliability for the 100,000 motorists which use this key route every day.

SIDERA will manage the New M4-M5 Link which is the final and most critical component of WestConnex, featuring twin tunnels between the New M4 at Haberfield and the New M5 at St Peters. Each tunnel will be approximately 7.5 kilometres long and able to accommodate up to four lanes of traffic in each direction.

The IOMCS, which will be a super version of SIDERA with capacity to manage up to 6 OMCSs, will be in charge of controlling the complete WestConnex.

SICE was previously awarded the delivery of the OMCS SIDERA for WestConnex M4 East (Stage 1B), and for WestConnex New M5 (Stage 2).

SICE is responsible for the design of the following systems for the M4-M5 Link (Stage 3A):

  • IOMCS hardware and software
  • OMCS hardware and software
  • CCTV
  • METS, FETS and Telephone Systems
  • Tunnel Closure
  • Driver Advisory System
  • Vehicle Detection System
  • Network Communications
  • PMCS
  • Communications interfaces
    • C2C
    • Smart Motorways

The contract was signed on September 2018 and the project is expected to be finalised in early 2023.