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SICE’s main asset is its team. The high professional level of our employees ensures the quality in our services.

With more than 2500 employees worldwide, SICE promotes human development providing opportunities for the development and improvement through training and participation in multidisciplinary and multicultural groups.

The 40% of the workforce operates outside Spain and it is present across five continents:

Employees by continent

Talent, initiative, commitment and enthusiasm, are common characteristics of the people who build our team.

If you want to join us, please send your curriculum to

Ofertas empleo

21/09/2017 Ingeniero industrial: estudios y licitaciones (Barcelona, España) Barcelona, Spain
13/09/2017 Asistente administrativo contable La Paz, Bolivia
13/09/2017 Jefe de Estudios de Tráfico y Sistema de Transporte Inteligente La Paz, Bolivia
13/09/2017 Project engineer low voltage & ITS infrastructure Auckland, New Zealand
13/09/2017 Superintendente de obra La Paz, Bolivia
13/09/2017 Jefe de proyectos de Sistemas Inteligentes de Peaje y Centro de Control La Paz, Bolivia
13/09/2017 Jefe de contabilidad La Paz, Bolivia
13/09/2017 Jefe de diseños, servicios Técnicos y control documental La Paz, Bolivia
13/09/2017 Jefe de proyectos de Sistemas Inteligentes de Pesaje y Laboratorio Metrológico La Paz, Bolivia
11/09/2017 Ingeniero de Telecomunicaciones Junior Madrid, Spain
11/09/2017 Ing. Informático. Administrador Sistemas Jr. Canadá Canadá, Canada
11/09/2017 Ingeniero informático/teleco. Programador C++ Madrid, Spain
11/09/2017 Ing. Informático Programador Jr. Canadá Canadá, Canada
01/07/2017 CAD drafter Manager for Westconnex M4 East and new M5 OMCS systems Sydney, Australia
01/07/2017 WestConnex M4 East and New M5 ITS & PMCS Software Commissioning Engineer Sydney, Australia