Toll roads
Our references
Tolling control for the Fredericton-Moncton Freeway
Design, supply, installation and commissioning of the payment and tolling control system for the Fredericton-Moncton motorway in New Brunswick, Canada.
Maritime Road Development Corporation (MRDC)
Design, supply, installation, commissioning and updating of the toll-payment and control system. An open tolling system for the Fredericton-Moncton Freeway (195 km long).

This was the first tolling system in which SICE manager the complex dynamic MarkIV system and built Forcement video into its tolling lanes.

Field equipment:
  • 18 manual/automated lanes
  • 18 manual/automated/dynamic lanes
  • 18 dynamic lanes
  • 11 automatic/dynamic lanes
Control-centre equipment:
  • Tolling-management centre
IT applications:
  • Lane software application
  • Station software application
  • Management-centre software application
Tolling Department
C/ Sepúlveda, 6
28108 Alcobendas
Madrid. Spain.
Tel.: (+34) 91 623 22 00
Fax: (+34) 91 623 22 01
E-Mail: peaje@sice.com
SAIH station at Gabriel y Galán reservoir
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