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Our references
GUIADE- Automatic guidance for public transport vehicles through multimodal perception in order to improve efficiency
The purpose of the GUIADE project is to achieve automation in the positioning and guidance of public transport vehicles, with the aim of optimising efficiency based on the information supplied from the ITS infrastructure
National R&D Plan 2008-2011


The project counts on the support of the Development Ministry and the Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

  • 2008 Edition. National R&D Plan 2008-2011
  • Public-Private Transport and Infrastructure Cooperation Projects Sub-Programme

Duration: 2009-2011

Summary and Aims
The sensoring of infrastructure involves not only the installation of advanced sensors and the processing of the information they provide, but also the installation of communication systems which allow the establishment of a link to the ADAS systems of the public transport vehicles close to the area of influence, in order to give them advance notice of possible incidents detected from the ITS infrastructure.

For their part, the details obtained from the transport vehicle by way of its ADAS systems allow the generation of relevant information on the state of the local environment. The information obtained in this manner can be useful for the infrastructure in terms of creating a much more solid knowledge base, in turn leading to greater efficiency.

Project currently underway

The GUIADE project is co-ordinated by SICE, with the collaboration of:

  • Albentia Systems S.A.
  • Industrial Automatic Institute (IAI-CSIC)
  • Alcalá de Henares University
  • Rey Juan Carlos University
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